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Davis Connect Testimonial Form

We are so glad our children were able to participate in Davis Connect this school year. Davis Connect provided stability and support to our family during an uncertain time. Our children were able to regularly meet with their teachers to obtain online instruction. The teachers did a great job finding ways for the children to continue to learn and grow this year. We have been impressed with the variety of tools the teachers have used to teach our children. Our children have really liked the flexibility that has come with online instruction. Davis Connect has been a very positive experience for our whole family.

Maria - Parent

I highly recommend. Davis Connect! even if it's not during a pandemic, this program is amazing. I have 2 boys in high school that have used Davis Connect for all or some of their classes and it has been wonderful for them! It's great that they can do both in person and/or on line classes during the school year. Davis Connect has many classes to choose from and we have loved the flexibility that they have to offer. H has been fun to see the successes and growth of Davis Connect over the last year.

Debi - Parent

My daughter really enjoyed doing school online. We really enjoyed the online experience because we didn't feel that the teachers were assigning "busy work". All of the work had a purpose and was enriching to our student. We appreciated that the instructors were available if the students had questions and that the students could work at their own pace.

Carl - Parent

Davis Connect 7-8 is a great option for those students who are homebound, or who struggle in a face-to-face environment. The staff is great to work with as they help move the students into and through the program as seamlessly as possible. The teachers have been very accommodating and helpful and are there to help students succeed. We so appreciate having this option for our students.

Davis School District Counselor

My student is become more responsible with her Studies. She is always on time with her schedule and can manage her own lessons. She got in to top honor roll.

Merline - Parent

Our introvertive son struggled with the transition from elementary to middle school. His self esteem and confidence in his academic work was at an all time low. We explored Davis Connect as an alternative to traditional schooling. 

Our son ended his 8th grade year with straight A's. Thank you Davis Connect.

Matt - Parent

My daughter and I are very impressed with the English course for 9th Grade Independent Study. It is above and beyond better than what she experienced at brick-and-mortar junior high school.

Carol - Parent