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My son is intelligent and self-motivated, and he has never really felt at home in traditional school settings. He loves the autonomy and self-direction he gets with Davis Connect. The teachers and program directors are competent, caring, and encouraging. Working with the school for electives, field trips, and assemblies has been a breeze, and the Davis Connect activities provide an additional support group of people. Davis Connect has been a huge blessing for my son! 

Keri, parent


My experience with the program Davis Connect 7-12 has been very helpful and I really appreciate all the help and patience that the teachers have for me and my son. Before my son started using the program he had a very hard time adjusting to the Junior High, even with all the accommodations and help that the school was doing for my son, it was still very challenging. I was very discouraged and worried for him. When I learned about Davis Connect 7-12, I decided to give it a try and that was the best decision that we made because my son start loving the program and he loves the program. For me as parent and for my son that has some learning disability, this kind of education was the best that I could find.

Vica, parent

Davis Connect 7-8 is a great option for those students who are homebound, or who struggle in a face-to-face environment.  The staff is great to work with as they help move the students into and through the program as seamlessly as possible. The teachers have been very accommodating and helpful and are there to help students succeed.  We so appreciate having this option for our students.

Davis School District Counselor

The Davis Connect online educational team is fabulous to work with. They are thorough & quick to respond with assistance. If you’re child is a self-starter, dedicated to task completion & would enjoy learning in an independent study environment then they won’t go wrong choosing Davis Connect!

Mrs. Miller, School Counselor

I have worked for years with the Davis Connect 7 – 12 program.  If kids are really ready for an online experience at this age, this is the only way to go.  The staff is amazing to work with and do everything to make sure your student will succeed.  They will be there with you thought the entire process and help you know if this is the right choice for your student! 

Ms. Holbrook, School Counselor


I have thought this through very well. My son was struggling. As an adopted child, his difficulties run deep and are not mainstream. Davis County School offered an at-home solution. He has excelled in his studies, but most importantly in his mental health. He NEEDED this option - and it became the most important choice we have made for him.

Happie, parentMy teen needed a year off of Junior High to be able to get her social anxiety under control. We loved the flexibility of Davis Connect and she went back for her 9th grade year stronger and more excited about school. She continues to do online school for certain classes with the skills she learned doing Davis Connect. 

Emily, parent

This program was amazing and a great experience for my daughter. The staff supported her and knew she could achieve great things. Thanks to them believing in her and my daughter’s dedication, the following year was very successful where she made the honor roll several times and realized the potential that the Davis Connect team saw in her.

Samantha, parent

Our introvertive son struggled with the transition from elementary to middle school. His self esteem and confidence in his academic work was at an all time low. We explored Davis Connect as an alternative to traditional schooling. Our son ended his 8th grade year with straight A's. Thank you Davis Connect. 

Matt, parent