Details: Software Option 7-8

For students who want a parent or guardian to be their primary instructor (using district-purchased and provided software), working with a teacher mentor, who checks in with each student and/or guardian monthly, and provides Pass/Fail term grades on report cards.

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The Software Option 7-8 is only available for students who enroll in Davis Connect and only includes core subjects (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies). Students may also add any of our Davis Connect Independent Study (I.S.) electives or magnet the student into classes the student wishes to take from their boundary school (must be arranged with the boundary school and based on availability).


NOTE: Students can complete these courses at their own pace (but must continue at a steady pace that allows them to meet the expected level of completion by the end of the school year) and will receive a P/F grade in each core subject areas at the end of each term.