Details: A La Carte Independent Study 7-12

For students who want to work independently and submit assignments in Canvas at their own pace, throughout the entire school year (courses remain open from the day of enrollment until the last day of school or until the student finishes, whichever comes first), while having access to an online teacher to ask questions about content. These courses are available for students who want a few online classes to get ahead, make room in their schedule, and/or make up missing credit.

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Davis Connect 7-12 Course Listing (Click to Enlarge PDF)
CORE (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) and Elective
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For students who enroll in Davis Connect, the Davis Connect counselors will add any of our Davis Connect A La Carte (A.L.C.) electives or magnet the student into elective classes the student wishes to take from their boundary school.


Students NOT enrolled in Davis Connect, but who are enrolled at their Davis School District boundary school, and who want to take one or more online Independent Study courses (I.S. or A.L.C.) through Davis Connect, must make an appointment with their counselor at the school where they are currently attending.

The only way to register for these courses is through a school counselor, who will look at what section of the course is needed for graduation, and place the student in that course.

NOTE: Students can complete these courses at their own pace (I.S. within term deadlines or A.L.C. within year-end deadline) and will receive a grade as soon as the course is completed.