Details: Software Option 7-8

For students who want a parent or guardian to be their primary instructor (using district-purchased and provided software), working with a teacher mentor, who checks in with each student and/or guardian monthly, and provides Pass/Fail term grades on report cards.

Content Delivery & Instruction

  • Students will be assigned to a mentor teacher, who will work directly with the student and parent to support learning.
  • Parent leads instruction, using district-purchased software.
  • Davis Connect uses district adopted digital software curriculum.
    • Edmentum Courseware (grades 6-8)
  • Teacher of record (mentor) will monitor progress weekly and will check in with student and parent monthly.
  • Parents will create an enrichment/remediation plan which includes instructional activities to supplement student learning. This plan will be approved by the mentor teacher.
  • Students will participate in all required district and state standardized testing.


  • Assignments can be reviewed by the teacher mentor for feedback to help parents personalize learning needs for the individual student.
  • Assessments that receive a score below 60% will be reset to give another opportunity to show mastery.
  • Students will have the opportunity to self-assess their progress and set learning goals.

Time Expectations

  • Students can expect to spend a minimum of 4 hours per day to complete academic course work and maintain grade level pacing, as outlined by the software provider guidelines.
  • Parents can expect to spend a minimum of 2 hours of preparation time in addition to spending 4 hours teaching their student per day.
  • Ten-minute mentor meetings are scheduled at least twice monthly.
  • Students who are behind grade-level pacing, will meet with the teacher mentor to create a re-engagement plan.
  • Students who have not been active in a course for ten consecutive school days may be dropped from Davis Connect


  • Students with a 504 plan or Special Education Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will have their accommodations provided.
  • IEP services will be provided by their case manager, with a combination of general education and special education class time.
  • Prior to enrolling with Davis Connect, the IEP team at the boundary school will meet to determine appropriate service, program, and location.


  • Optional in-person activities, field trips, assemblies, dances, etc. will be scheduled throughout the year.
  • Students can also participate in eSports, virtual clubs, and online activities.
  • If desired, students can participate in athletics through their boundary school

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CORE: English, Math, Science, Social Studies (ONLY)

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