Details: Online Classroom 7-12

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For students who want to work directly with an online teacher and peers, doing virtual learning sessions


students who want to work independently and set their own daily schedule, yet still have a teacher that provides feedback and communicates with them daily.

Content Delivery & Instruction

  • Students will have a dedicated core content teacher.
  • Teachers will hold daily instructional web chats, where students will be invited to attend live or watch the recording on their own schedule.
  • Students and teachers may also arrange to meet in small groups for additional academic support.
  • Davis Connect follows the Davis Essential Skills & Knowledge standards for each content area.
  • Students will participate in district standardized testing with Davis Connect.


  • Students can be registered in a blended option of courses, with the core courses being part of the online virtual classroom, and their electives coming from the independent study online platform (via Edgenuity or Davis Connect Canvas courses) or taken at their boundary school.

Time Expectations

  • Students can expect to spend a minimum of 6 hours per day to complete academic course work for their 4 core classes and 2-3 electives.
  • Students can also participate in eSports, virtual clubs, and in-person activities.


  • Students with a 504 plan or SPED Individualized Education Plan will accommodations provided. 
  • Prior to enrolling with Davis Connect, IEP team at the boundary school will meet to determine appropriate service.


  • Optional in-person activities, field trips, assemblies, dances, etc. will be scheduled in accordance with county health guidelines.
  • Students can also participate in eSports, virtual clubs, and in-person activities.
  • If desired, students can participate in athletics through their boundary school.

Sample Schedule 7-12

We understand that not only are students unique, so is their daily schedule. Davis Connect Classroom allows for flexibility, students can learn at the time of day that works best for them.


Below is an example of a possible daily schedule.  Students are encourage to attend virtual meetings, but can watch the recording of the meeting if they aren't able to attend live. 

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First page of the PDF file: WeekintheLifeDC7-12Student