Details: A La Carte Independent Study 7-12

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For students who want a few online classes to get ahead, make room in their schedule and/or make up missing credit.

Content Delivery & Instruction

  • Parent acts as instructional guide (learning coach) using district provided courses in Canvas. 
  • Teacher of record will monitor student progress through the course, answer questions about the content, and provide feedback and scores on all assessments. 
  • Students will participate in district standardized testing at their boundary school. 


  • Students will have a variety of course options to choose from. 
  • Student can work ahead and complete courses at their own pace. 

Time Expectations

  • Students are expected to maintain a minimum pacing consistent with the recommended due dates on all assessments in the course. 
  • Students who have not be active in a course for ten days may be dropped from the course.  


  • Students with a 504 plan or SPED Individualized Education Plan will have their accommodations provided. 
  • Prior to enrolling in an Independent Study course, the student’s IEP file manager should be consulted to determine if this course option will meet the needs of the student. 


  • No in-person activities will be offered.


To view a 2-page list of courses available:

We are updating our course listing regularly, please check again each week for an updated course list.

Davis Connect 7-12 a la carte Course listing

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