Summer School


Join us at Davis Connect for Summer School 2022!

•	Dates- Monday June 6-Friday August 5 •	Grades- posted Wednesday August 10 •	$25 per quarter credit for original or credit r

We have several additional summer school classes available (that were not showing up on the myDSD survey).

  • Civics 1 Term 1 ALC - Grades 7-8
  • Civics 1 Term 2 ALC - Grades 7-8
  • Current Issues Term 1 ALC - Grades 9-12 - .25 elective credit for graduation
  • Current Issues Term 2 ALC - Grades 9-12 - .25 elective credit for graduation

If you have room in your summer schedule (meaning you are currently registered for fewer than 4 x .25 original credit courses) or you would like to change your schedule to drop a class and sign up for one of the above instead, please email Kim Nielson or ASAP. 

If you are dropping a course (or two) to add any of these, please include which course you would like to drop, including the name of the course, term, and teacher name.