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College Week 2023

October 23rd - 27th 

No School on Monday


College Week Introduction


  • In Person College Night
  • FAFSA Intro in Advisory


Virtual College Meetings


Share a Picture in Your College Gear!

Application Week Checklist

Check out this great checklist showing the steps for applying to different colleges along with scholarship and registration deadlines.

Navigate to: 
for more information on Utah College Application Week

 Note: CE Status Switch (for concurrent enrollment students) 

If you think there is ANY chance you will attend Weber State, please complete the status switch: 

1. Login to your Weber State portal at 
2. Click on the "Admissions" tab on the left sidebar 
3. Click on the “Status Switch” icon and complete the form 
4. Select YES, you will be attending WSU for the upcoming fall, even if you're not sure. You can defer scholarships after you receive them. 


Helpful Tips and Resources

Items you will need for College Week: 

  • Personal Information (must use full legal name) 
  • Birthplace: city, county, state, country 
  • Contact information of parent/guardian 
  • High school name and address, or high school code 
  • Progress Toward Graduation Report 
  • ACT score (waived for many colleges) 
  • High school graduation date
  • Admission term requested
  • Length of time living in Utah 
  • Driver’s license or state ID card 
  • Social Security Number or Permanent Resident Card 
  • Method of payment for application fee (credit card or fee waiver) 

Some college applications request information about: 

  • Achievements 
  • Awards 
  • Leadership 
  • Community Service 
  • Volunteering 
  • Work Experience 
  • Special Circumstances 


Other Helpful Resources

NCAA Registration and Requirements:

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Start Filling our the FAFSA (application for federal aid)

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Career/ Education Resources

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