Course Registration

Course Registration Instructions 
Instrucciones de inscripción al curso
When you are enrolled in our school, we need to know the online classes you want to take from us.
Here is how to complete a course request for a Davis Connect schedule:
FIRST: Pick the online "Course Request" form for your grade and complete it:


Cuando esté inscrito en nuestra escuela, necesitamos saber las clases en línea que desea tomar de nosotros.
A continuación se explica cómo completar una solicitud de curso para un horario de Davis Connect:
PRIMERO: Elija el formulario en línea "Solicitud de curso" para su calificación y complételo:

8th grade
9th grade
10th grade
11th grade
12th grade

NEXT: Your counselor will use your Course Requests to build you a schedule. Schedules will be viewable in myDSD once all schedules are finalized.

SIGUIENTE: Su consejero utilizará sus solicitudes de cursos para crear un horario. Los horarios se podrán ver en myDSD una vez que todos los horarios estén finalizados.


Taking Classes at Your Boundary School

Students have the option of being enrolled with either their boundary (or variance-approved) school and taking some online classes there OR they can choose to enroll with Davis Connect and take some in-person classes through their local school. It's good to decide which option is best for the student. 

  • For instance, students who want to be involved with extracurricular activities at their boundary school may choose to enroll in their boundary school. 
  • A student who likes working primarily online and is not involved in extracurricular activities might find it best to enroll at Davis Connect. 
  • Seniors should enroll in the school they want to graduate from. 

If you are enrolled at Davis Connect, you will see a link in your Course Request online form that will take you to a separate form. You will use that boundary school request form to request these in-person classes. They will be sent to the school and a counselor or principal at the school will approve or deny those based on space, availability, and the requirements of the class being requested.

Note to Variance Students: If you were approved for a variance, you must take at least one class at your variance-approved school to retain the variance. Due to the long waiting list for variances, if you take classes full-time at Davis Connect, you will lose your variance.  

Regarding courses you would like to REQUEST to take at your previous/boundary school, here are some points to know:

  • Classes at your previous/boundary school are NOT GUARANTEED.  The counselor or principal at the boundary school will make the decision on the classes.
    • If denied, we will find an ONLINE alternate Fine Arts credit-bearing class to replace it.                          
  • AP and CE courses will be offered online through a variety of schools and teachers in Davis District. If you choose to return to your boundary school at the term or semester, but before the AP or CE course has concluded, you will still be enrolled in the online version of the course affiliated with whatever location it is being offered – this means all payments and testing information will be associated with that school/teacher. You will not be transferred into the same course at your boundary school.