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CE Admission / Registration 

Within the first days of class, the CE teacher will provide  information about how to get admitted and registered as a CE student. 

This is a three step process: 

  1. Admission to the university / college

  2. Register for the CE course 

  3. Pay tuition / fees *


Students need to be admitted, registered, and fees paid to Weber State University or Salt Lake Community College (depending on which institution the course is being given through) within the first week of classes or they will be dropped from the course. 

CE deadlines

SLCC CE Registration*
*for CE Commercial Photo 1


Weber State CE Registration**
**for all other classes


  * Learn more about Fee Reimbursement

Davis Connect Online CE Course Descriptions

Students must pay a one-time admission fee to the university (approx. $30) when it is their first CE class.  
Tuition fees are based on the number credit hours offered for the course ($5.00 per credit hour).
Additional fees may apply (textbook).  

Independent Study (IS): Learn independently and submit assignments in Canvas within regular term deadlines, while having access to an online teacher to ask questions about content.  

Found a class you like? Contact your school counselor to get signed up! 

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