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Yes, you heard us right. 
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Did you know we have these classes?  
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JUST ADDED CE Math 1010 and CE Eng 1010 for second semester! 
  • CE Intro to Education 1010 - Online Classroom (8:30-9:30AM on B days), Grades 11-12 
  • CE Intro to Music 1010 - Independent Study, Grades 11-12 
  • CE Math 1010 - Independent Study with Online Support Sessions, Grades 11-12 (JUST ADDED) 
  • CE Math 1030 Quantitative Reasoning - Independent Study, Grades 11-12 
  • CE Math 1050 College Algebra -Independent Study w/ Online Support Sessions 2nd semester, Grades 11-12 
  • CE Nutrition 1020 - Independent Study, Grades 11-12 
  • CE Psychology - Independent Study Grades, 11-12 
  • CE Sports Psychology - Online Classroom (8:30-9:30AM on A days), Grades 11-12 
  • CE Studio Art 1030 - Independent Study, Grades 10-12 
  • CE Theater 1013 - Independent Study, Grades 11-12 
  • CE Business Office Specialists – Independent Study, Grades 9-12 
  • CE Communications 2110 - Online Classroom (12:30-1:30PM on A days), Grade 12 
  • CE Dance 1010 - Independent Study, Grades10-12 
  • CE English 1010 - Online Classroom, Grade 12 (JUST ADDED)
  • CE English 2010 - Online Classroom 2nd Semester ONLY Grade 12 
  • CE Human Development 1500 - Independent Study Grades 11-12 

A one time admission fee to the university (approx. $30) is required (if it is your first CE class) and tuition fees are based on credit hours ($5.00/credit hour). Additional fees may apply (textbook).  

Online Classroom (OC): Submit assignments in Canvas within regular term deadlines, engage regularly with an online teacher and connect with peers in live virtual learning sessions and online activities.  

Independent Study (IS): Learn independently and submit assignments in Canvas within regular term deadlines, while having access to an online teacher to ask questions about content.  

Support Sessions: Online teacher holds a scheduled open meeting time in Teams for students to have regular access to help and support. Support Session are not mandatory but a great resource for live help and test review. 

Found a class you like? Contact your school counselor to get signed up! 


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