Unenroll from Davis Connect

We ask that all students enrolled with Davis Connect commit to attend for the entire school year. If there is an emergency situation that requires a mid-year transfer of enrollment, it may affect student grades and/or graduation credits. For mid-year enrollment changes, we recommend for these to occur at the end/beginning of a new term. 

Process to Withdraw from Davis Connect 7-12

These guidelines should be used when withdrawing at the end of the term or end of the school year. Students will be unenrolled the first day of the new term (for end of term grading purposes) and could possibly start at their new school on the second day of the new term. 

  • Notify the Davis Connect Registrar, Jodie Gardner - (801) 402-9023 or JoGardner@dsdmail.net of your intent to withdraw your student from Davis Connect 7-12 at least one week prior to the end of the term or school year. Include your student's name, date of birth, new school to attend, and the planned date of enrollment at the new school.

  • Contact the school to which your student is transferring, and work with them on their enrollment process. Have the school contact the Davis Connect Registrar to confirm enrollment. Students will not be withdrawn from Davis Connect until the Registrar receives a confirmation of enrollment elsewhere.
  • Return your Davis Connect device(s) to the Davis Connect Tech Support Center (once coursework is complete, unless you have a personal device to finish course work) or a $250 fine will be assessed. 
  • Pay any unpaid school fees via the guardian myDSD account.

Once the Davis Connect withdrawal process is complete, we will email the guardian a copy of the Notice of Withdrawal Form showing current grades, which you can forward to the new school.

Please understand that withdrawals may take up to 48 hours, so please plan accordingly.

Questions? Please contact the Davis Connect Registrar:
Jodie Gardner - (801) 402-9023 or JoGardner@dsdmail.net