Multicultural Advisory Council (MAC)

MAC is a student-led initiative, dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion, and respect within our school community. MAC members are nominated by school faculty and staff and selected by the school administration. 

Davis Connect Multicultural Advisory Council Leaders:

  • Taylor Sanchez - Chair
  • Isis Warren - Co-Chair

Council Members:

  • Natasha Adhlakha 
  • Shaylin Lagunas Guadarrama 
  • Julian Quintero  
  • Lily Ravelo
  • Roselea Ravelo 

Council Advisor: 

  • Stephanie Mouritsen - Lead Administrator 7-12

MAC Mission Statement:
“The Davis Connect Multicultural Advisory Council’s mission is to foster unity through diversity by building bridges, embracing and celebrating cultural differences, and empowering students to collaborate and create an inclusive school community.”

MAC Goals: 

  • Raise Awareness: Promote diversity and inclusion within the school.
  • Promote Reporting Mechanisms: Ensure everyone knows how to report incidents of harassment and discrimination related to the protected classes, providing clear and confidential channels for reporting.
  • Enhance Cultural Competence: Foster understanding and appreciation for different cultures.
  • Evaluate and Improve the School: Regularly assess MAC initiatives, collect feedback, and adjust strategies to foster a respectful, and culturally diverse environment.

Upcoming MAC Events:

  • Back-to-School Presentations - in-person and recorded (shared via school newsletter)
  • Schoolwide Safe School Policy Review - in P.A.W.S. Advisory Classes
  • Monthly School MAC Meetings
  • Quarterly District MAC Meetings
  • School Multicultural Newsletter
  • School Cultural Celebration in the Spring

Cultivating Awareness for a Respectful Environment Presentation - English - Spanish